my whirling dervish

My second child is a ginger and she is high energy. I mean high energy like I have never experienced. I feel like she has ADHD, and I want to talk to the doctor next well visit. I’m having a very hard time parenting her these days. She is very loud and is the proverbial bull in a china shop. She knocks into things and ploughs things over. She can’t sit still to eat dinner and has food all over herself, the chair, the table, the floor. She gets super excited and can’t settle down. Some of this is from her sensory processing disorder, but some is not. I have more patience than my husband and I hardly have patience, so after a few reminders and I yell. I yell out of frustration, because I run out of ideas. And then I feel bad, because that’s not how you handle things. I tried last month to go a week without yelling and I
couldn’t do it, I made it two days. I don’t want to be the mom arguing to please sit with your bottom on the chair and eat like a little kid and not a farm animal, but it happens.
Somedays it is just exhausting to constantly be talking to her.We don’t get a break until she’s asleep because she does not slow down. I don’t want to seem like such an annoying mom to her either, but her energy bursts also tend to lead her to not think when she’s doing something, she’s very impulsive so we have to hold tight to her when crossing a road or taking a walk and that’s scary. I worry about how she will do in school, when she has to sit in the classroom and learn to take turns. I worry because she needs so much energy and focus all the time. I pray for patience and knowledge to help me through parenting this little gift, because she is a handful


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