Little things

What I am thankful for this week, brings tears to my eyes. I am thankful that my husband felt sick before his plane left the ground, so I could be here to take care of him. I am thankful for friends and family jumping to help and to pray over him and us, I am thankful that today I said screw it to the laundry( well at least this afternoon) and took the kids swimming, I am thankful that Sunday morning I got up and went to church and was blessed with the most heart touching service I have ever been too- God was everywhere and I felt like part of a big loving caring family.I am thankful for the Tricia Goyer book The Promise Box, that I am reading and how much it is touching my heart. I am thankful we need to all exercise in our family and we went for a walk in the rain. I am thankful last night I spent a few hours having tea with a very good friend and it was just nice. I am thankful that soon it will be fall and there will be a crispness in the air and we can wear sweaters. I am also thankful for all the color and loveliness in my garden now and the birds singing. I am thankful that I am making the changes that I need to make and want to see in my life, little by little it will happen. You don’t have to have lots to be blessed and this I know for sure.


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