So I’m kind of over the top about organizing. Now mind you my home is not perfect but I know where stuff is and it all has a home and I know when I need to do _____ and go to ______.
Lately I’ve been feeling kind of down about myself and second guessing myself and just felt all out of whack. So I cleaned and organized the kids rooms. I do this way too often, but it does give me focus and makes me feel slightly better, if only for a short time. My kids are not organized like I am and like I was as a kid. They could care less, when I sort their toys by item and get nice little boxes and baskets and bins to keep them in. So after that was done and it was done over a few days, I was thinking about how much I’ve become literally attached to my phone. It is my command center. And I don’t really text or call people. I do check Facebook but that’s a whole other post sometime.
So about my phone. When I got it I was so excited. I could get rid of my paper calendar and notebooks of important things I need to do and have it all in one place, that I could just grab and go. And I do that, I use my calendar, daily reminders, the notes, I have the paperless app, and I love it. But it also hinders me. It hinders me because it all seems like it has to be done. It is always with me. Somedays it is too much. I can’t let go until it’s all checked off the to do list, I can’t relax because I’m always looking and it has made me uber-organized and for an organizing junkie like myself, sometimes too much control is too much. I’ve decided that just like the Facebook thing, I am also going to cut back on checking my phone all the time and setting up constant reminders and adding to my never ending to do list. I feel like I am missing out on a lot because I can’t let go and relax and the few times I’ve left my phone at home or didn’t bother to look all the time I felt a huge difference. I don’t want my kids to think I am the mom with the iphone that we’ve all read about. I want to be the mom who says yes to swimming and walks and crafts in the summer and to sitting off reading books to each other.


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