FOMO- fear of missing out

Wow. I am having a love/hate relationship with Facebook these days. I love Facebook because I “like” many pages with news or articles or parenting tips, or decorating. I kind of use it like a reader and I have it set up for push notifications on things I really like to follow. But then all the junk gets in the way, the stuff with friends- the ones with perfect bodies and perfect kids, perfect husbands, perfect dogs, dream homes, perfect vacations, exciting jobs, loving families. You know the ones who sometimes you just want to say, ok your life is not that grand or perfect, so just knock it off already. But you don’t because you are drawn in and then you feel like crap. In my case I get mad that my kids are messy, I feel envious when I see some peoples beautiful giant homes with awesome backyards, or couples who are always on holiday somewhere cool. I get homesick for where I used to live. I feel lonely and I feel more insecure some days and here I am tied to the bloody thing. I read an article recently in the Oprah Magazine by Martha Beck. I love her articles. I really do. Anyway it hit home. I can’t stop looking and checking up on friends because I am afraid I am not part of something. I would like to say it’s high school all over, but in high school you could get away not including someone because our lives weren’t instantly online. Now if you miss something or if I see friends commenting, I think wow, did I miss something or am I going to miss something. If you don’t see someone on Facebook you think oh no they unfriended me, I wonder why. It’s a crazy world this Facebook-ing and I’m trying to wean myself from it, but it’s ingrained, it’s second nature and my phone is always with me. This might seem natural if I was a teenage girl but I’m a middle aged mother and this has become somewhat of a social indicator of what’s going on and who is doing what. I’m not really happy with how it’s become or how I have become in the past year or so with my constant use and checking. So here’s to me trying to break away and not really care. Because while I have a fear of missing out, I also have a dislike of feeling so down about life after spending so much time looking at other people glorifying their high moments.


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