there is good

The moon tonight is amazing. Bright and beautiful in the sky. For the first time in weeks it’s not too hot outside so we can sit with the windows open. A nice taste of what the fall will bring. I’m excited tonight because something wonderful happened at our church. There was love and everyone came together and we are all on the same page. Things are happening and I think they are going to be good things for sure. I’m excited because I’m trying again to be genuine and take notice, stop and smell the roses, not panic, not yell at my kids when I’m tired or frustrated with them. I won’t to change. My husband says I’m miserable or have been for some time. But I want to turn a new leaf. I have plans and goals for the future and I’m excited. Today one of my kids deleted something very important off my phone and I just panicked and got so worked up. My husband came home from work and walked me through finding it, and helping me settle down. I think I need more of that- less of me trying to control everything, less of me overreacting and more of me trusting in and leaning on God.


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