don’t pet the ginger

So on days when I need to go shopping, I usually have a Facebook status that says please don’t pet my kid or call her an orphan. It never fails and when I talk to my good friend who also has a ginger, she says the same thing- when you have a ginger people come up and pet their heads all the time. Now I was never one to touch a babies feet or poke at babies, since I read all those parenting books and since I didn’t want people touching my kids. I once saw a little luggage tag thing on a car seat saying please don’t touch me, and I thought that was rude and weird and yes I understand some babies have weak immune systems and it can’t be chanced, but really do you need a sign for that? But anyway back to my ginger. She has hair like Shirley Temple or Orphan Annie. And I guess people think that’s cute, and we aren’t just talking about older people, even middle age people and teens do it too. My theory is, please don’t fondle my kids hair and more than that please don’t say she looks like little orphan Annie. My kid is not wearing rags, she’s clean, her hair is clean. I don’t really like Annie, but even saying she looks like Annie after daddy Warbucks adopts her, with the fancy red dress, would be better. It’s hard enough being a ginger without people telling you that you resemble an orphan or a child actress, that I only know about because my mother loved her, which basically means my kids have no idea who Shirley Temple is. So please if you are out and about, don’t pet the gingers, they are just like the rest of us and unless my kid happens to be a Chocolate Lab, it does not need to have you pet it.


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