Wife Swap

I’ve been watching old episodes of wife swap. I don’t watch much tv unless it’s PBS, but for some reason I love Wife Swap. I always think I might like to be on that show, just so my family can see all that I do each day to make life nice for everyone, but then I realize they send you to the craziest opposite of you possible and I don’t know if I could handle that.
The main thing I notice on almost every episode is that the families realize they don’t spend enough time with their kids. They realize they are just going through life and need to enjoy their families more and do more family stuff. That’s really made me think. I’ve made a few changes just in the past few days-playing with the kids, or letting them help me with dinner or setting the table. It’s made me happy. My kids are getting older and don’t need so much hands on and I do slip into a pattern of cleaning, reading, taking them places, going online and wasting time on Facebook and Pinterest. But I finally just thought you know they aren’t getting younger, I want memories for when I’m old and I’ve been given a gift to spend my days with my kids.
I was going to get a job and I was offered a job but I can’t because of school schedules and I’m sort of excited because I want to take some time for me during the day. For over a decade it’s been me second and the family first. I’m going to start working out and writing and doing Bible studies and volunteering at their school and I’m excited.


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