back to school-over kill

Ok, the only people who should be frantic and super busy about back to school are teachers. I am so tired of blogs about get control of the back to school chaos, or get your routines in order, plan and organize to prepare for back to school. What? This is my plan- go for new sneakers with my mom, have one new outfit for the first day, buy school clothes in October- since it will still be warm out, grab the supplies needed and use last year’s Land’s End backpacks (it pays to buy quality). That’s it. Nothing crazy. Slowly work the kids into early bedtimes and get a few more fun day trips in and then that’s it, we are back to school. I’m not doing paper chain countdowns, I’m not making my kids breakfast in bed, or preparing welcome classroom friends gifts. I mean really, what have we become in this Pinterest one up each other age? So that’s my plan, there it is.


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