Back to school shopping

For my whole entire school career I got back to school clothes for my birthday- that’s what happens when you have an August birthday. So I have always been in the mindset that you need new clothes to go back to school. The other day I was reading a blog on minimalism or scaling back and there was something about how you don’t need back to school clothes and it hit me like a ton of bricks. This is like one of those holidays the retailers love, like Valentine’s day. $$$$ is spent like crazy. The past year or so I decided when my kids go back it’s still warm out, so all they really need is one nice outfit for the first day and something nice for picture day a few weeks later. I buy backpacks from Lands End and my kids are young enough that I can make them last two years at least. So all my kids really need are new sneakers. They spend the summer in flip flops and last years sneakers are usually snug so we get sneakers. This is like a weight lifted from my shoulders. Now mind you in a few months, they will need some new winter stuff, since they are kids and kids tend to grow, but I really feel like I can skip the crazy commercialization of back to school and just get the basics of what we really need. Any thoughts?


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