37 things I’m very sure of

1. I married my best friend. I was young, younger than most people are, but I found my best friend and we can laugh together and tend to not stress each other out.
2. I never imagined having kids, but now I can’t imagine anything other than being a mama.
3. God is good and He does stuff on His time and most times it’s when we least expect it.
4. Having my cats meow to me when I’m stressed is really nice and makes me calm.
5. Volunteering really does help you more than you would ever think.
6. Everyone should get a massage at least once a year, it does wonders for your soul.
7.Getting up for church is not fun, but being there is well worth it.
8. Any time by the sea is better than not being near the sea.
9. Sometimes scratch off tickets make a good reward to get kids to clean their rooms
10. With your kids and yourself, follow your gut feeling if something doesn’t feel right
11. And be an advocate for your child, you can never try hard enough to get answers and services you need and deserve
12. Crocs should not be worn, ever.
13. Anyone looks good in bright colors. I maybe from the East Coast, but black all the time makes you look tired. I try to wear bright pink alot
14. Indian buffets may be the best thing going in terms of food
15. Sometimes you need to go back home to where you came from and work to give back to the place that made you who you are
16. I’m a journal/notebook addict, I love office supplies too
17. I don’t know where I would get stuff if it wasn’t for Amazon, they really do have it all
18. The greatest stress reliever is a good book
19. The second best is a walk.
20. Start and end your day with prayer and scripture
21.Be thankful, you’d be surprised how being thankful for even small things can change your outlook
22. Watch the birds, birds can make you feel peace and see how God cares for them
23. Get a butterfly bush, one of the best investments for my soul that I ever made
24. I love a book in my hands and I am a magazine addict
25. I love lists. Lists keep your organized and make life easier
26. Friends are the family we choose
27. ninety nine percent of my worries are not a big deal and just go away
28. Take mental pictures of the way your kids smell and what they look like as babies, so you can pull it up in your mind any time. It’s much easier than digging through the baby book
29. When you get something new clean something old out, the more stuff you have the more you clean
30.Forgive your parents, they aren’t perfect
31.Get out of your comfort zone, or find some good friends who can help you do so
32.Your home does not need to be big or perfect, it needs to have love and be the place you always want to come back to after a long day
33. Buy those smelly bead fabric softener things, they smell so good
34. Buy classic pieces of quality clothes, it’s worth it in the long run
35. Carry neosporin, band aids, finger nail clippers and bug spray and itch cream in your purse, someone always needs it
36. Finding Joy is a blog all mamas should read-look it up
37. Life flies by, it really really does. Relax, don’t worry, it’s more fun than hard work most of the time


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