beaming I am

So I’m pretty stoked and now I’m writing like Yoda, that doesn’t happen every day but it should. It was my birthday and I was just so happy. I woke up and I was happy. People wish you a happy birthday and that’s so nice too. This year on and around my birthday I really felt like bluebirds were flying around me singing. I felt so blessed, here was a day for me and people were doing things just to be nice and it was good. I woke up feeling happy and I was wondering if it would be cool to feel like that every day or if it makes it more special on special days? I had a really long meeting tonight and I’ve felt sick since last night, but I’m still feeling happy. I’m hoping it can be part of my new change for myself, be happy, be thankful, be less stressed and be healthy. I know I’m not getting younger so I want to be the person I wish I was and I’m going to work for it.


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