and I’m finished or am I

Today my youngest went to school. For five years it’s been the two of us day in and out, except for pre-school. I thought to myself this morning, my job is done, I got them through the years leading up to school, now they will become more independent. But I knew that wasn’t true and I don’t feel it in my heart, but my eight year old has slowly become more and more independent. I miss when they needed me for more stuff, but I love that they are becoming themselves more and more. I’ve been doing this for almost a decade- mothering, and while it was nice to have some quiet this morning an hour into it, it felt weird. I get scared that I won’t remember these moments (which I blame on The Notebook), because it’s hard sometimes to remember the baby and toddler moments and that wasn’t that long ago. But I do sit and take mental photos of my kids and I hope for as long as I walk this Earth I will be able to bring those images up in my mind, because at the end it’s the memories that mean the most.


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