I live near a very busy road so I hear traffic most of the day and night. I grew up near a busy road and same thing I could hear traffic. Because of that I can’t sleep in the country all that easily. I need signs of life moving, I need noise. It’s funny because I am a person who thrives on quiet- quiet to read, quiet to think and I love late at night when everyone is sleeping or early in the morning when everyone is still sleeping.
That said I love to hear the ocean, that’s a a sound that calms me like no other. I used to live across the street from the ocean and sometimes if it was stormy I could hear it. Surprisingly though even when I lived in paradise I still liked being off a major road because I could hear bikes going by all night long and it comforted me. But this is about the ocean. I used to pass it for a long way on my ride to work, the beautiful turquoise/teal colors. The waves breaking. You don’t know what you have until you don’t have it. I miss my ocean views. So much so I’ve redone my bedroom to be the colors of the sea and I have a picture of a beloved moongate overlooking the harbour on a moonlit night. To see when I fall asleep and when I wake up at night. I took it for granted and now I miss it. Right now I feel like the world around us is going crazy and I want to run back there, not because life is perfect but because life is calmer. I want the colors and sounds of the ocean again. Sometimes you need the simple more than anything else.


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