Day FOUR of Blogtember! A story about a time you were very afraid

When I was about 18 I had come home from college- I hated being in the city and I was going to work for a semester before transferring some where else. One morning I was at home getting ready to leave and the phone rang. This was before called Id I think, so I answered it and it was a family acquaintance telling me my mother and grandmother were in a car accident. Some kid ran a stop sign with a snow plow on his truck and hit my moms small sports car and my grandmother was thrown from the car. She was being flown to a trauma center. I kind of went numb. I called my dad and someone called my grandfather and my dad and I drove to the hospital. The drive was the worst 40 mins of my life. I had no idea what was going on. I was told my mom got out of the car and told these people we knew, whose house this accident was in front of, that she had to go to the store to buy me diapers. First off I was 18 and second thing when I was a baby my mom used cloth diapers and a diaper service.
My mom was ok, airbag burns and just shaken up. My grandmother had head trauma and stitches all threw out her head. She broke her hip and needed pins. When I finally saw her conscious it was awful, she couldn’t even lift her head to drink from a carton of juice so I put a straw in and helped her and she cried. I felt like I grew up so fast in those few hours. I was afraid we would lose her. She had issues with her head injury for the rest of her life and after that she was terrified to go in cars and basically was home bound for the next almost 20 years. I was so scared that day because she was the center of my world.


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