I’m a Virgo….

I’ve decided to write a little bit about being a Virgo. If anyone ever had Virgo traits it’s me so here are my top ten reasons I’m a Virgo:
1. My birth date; August 25th (which I know makes me cuspy on the Leo side, but there is no lion in this girl)
2.I make lists of lists. I make lists for fun. Even my blog has lists
3. I can sit for hours and think about the same thing that is bothering me. This is not a good thing and it’s a time waster, but it happens.
4. I have a few tight friends and I do not warm up to new people. Coincidentally the majority of my friends are Virgos.
5. I have little labels on my shelves in my closet- stating the season and purpose of my clothes ie spring exercise, winter cleaning, capris..
6.I have been known to be extremely cold to people and to be very private with my life- I hate when people tell you too much and your barely know them
7.I am extremely defensive. I hate to be criticized
8.I am a hard worker and try to be as helpful on projects as I possibly can
9.I over-analyze everything
10.I have a place for everything and everything needs to be in it’s place


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