7 habits

Many moons ago I was sent to a seven habits of highly successful people course. My co-worker signed up for it and could not attend so I was sent. At first I was so hesitant because I’m a Virgo and I;m super organized, but I loved it. It has been one of the most important courses I have taken in my professional career and it helps me in my everyday life. I agree with the habits, but what I took away was the labeling plans and steps. I liked assigning stuff priorities. I love breaking down big tasks. I love the concept of sharpening the saw. I remember using the Microsoft project planning software in my last job and I loved it. I love seeing lists and seeing things checked off lists when they are completed. I love looking ahead to projects. I love breaking projects into easier smaller steps. I was a big fan of the reminders app on my phone, until the upgrade and there is not an ease of use like before and that’s frustrating. I’ve had a hard day trying to familiarize myself (just realized the little alarm clock up top was very helpful in organizing). I have 1400 some reminders for this year and years to come- I love to plan and that’s my life, my kids, my husband, my home, my job, my clubs, my boards- all of it. But then again maybe I’m too hooked and need to be less obsessed with checking and staying on top, and this could turn into a good thing, I’ll have to wait and see.


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