two five

When I was 25 I lived abroad, had a well paying job,a sailboat and a pretty awesome life. This is what I would tell me kids about being twenty five.

Wow, 25 seemed so old in high school and so far away and yet here it is, and now it seems 30 is creeping right around the corner and 30 is when you are a serious straight up grown up. So twenty five years experience what can I say? Live life. Go out at night at have fun, make friends, live somewhere that you don’t know a soul so you have to be self reliant and so that you can make friends. In my case I was living the life of an ex-pat and that was awesome because my friends were a mix of everywhere and wow, we had fun.  You won’t be so flexible to go out and dance the night away and make work when you are in your thirties so live it up now.

Keep you oldest and dearest friends because you will always need people you have a history with. Sometimes in life you may be surrounded but you will feel all alone and your oldest friends are going to be your best stick around for the long run friends.

Hopefully you will still be in medical school at 25 (hint hint), but if not make sure you are doing something you love. Make sure your heart is in it and that it makes you money. Money won’t buy happiness but having a little extra makes life so much easier. I’m not going to lie and say do anything, because eating ramen noodles at thirty and sleeping on a coach in a studio apartment is not fun for anyone. Make connections at your job, volunteer for opportunities to help others within your job,take classes if they are offered. Any way that you can make yourself more connected the better you will feel. Save money and invest in your 401k, this is so much more important than fancy clothes, but every once in awhile treat yourself to the spa, or designer bags, or nice trips.

You may have found your soul mate and you may not have found that person. be happy, it will happen. Don’t rush it and don’t settle. Trust your friends and family when you do find that person, because they want what’s best for you also.

You can always come home, no matter what. We will always help you. You can always call. Life is crazy sometimes and I remember thinking I was having a quarter life crisis many times.

Be faithful and pray. Yes church might seem the hardest thing to do on a Sunday morning, but you need that. You need your faith it will carry you through everything you do in life.

Get good haircuts. You are starting your career and you want to always look and dress like you are going for your bosses job, even if you are an entry level person. Professional people stand out.

Travel. I wish I would have loved to travel more, because I know I would have but I don’t like traveling and that has hindered me and I have given up some really great opportunities with that.

Drink buck fizz at brunch, really go for it. It’s well worth it and it makes life happier.

Remember that you never know how or what someone else is going through so give second or third chances. Never judge anyone. Be kind and helpful and just enjoy being around people and it will come back to you.

My twenties seem so far away but I think 25 might have been one of the best years of my life. Enjoy it, so someday you can look back and share your joy with your loved ones.


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