things I missed and those I didn’t

So I’m wrapping up my trip down memory lane as an expat and my last post is going to be on things I missed and things I did not. There’s only one thing I missed (well besides tastykakes, turkey hill diet ice tea and at that time Taco Bell) and that was fall. I love the colors of the trees changing,I love the crispness in the air, I love pumpkins and gourds and sweaters. You don’t get fall in Bermuda, you get summer and spring and what is sort of winter but not winter like I was used to. But there were so many things I didn’t miss, so I usually made sure to plan a trip to the East Coast during fall to get my fix.

Things I did not miss: family drama. My family is dramatic, we are yellers and screamers and grudge holders. I didn’t miss living at home and having to walk on egg shells. I didn’t miss having phone calls to hear various sides to the story or having them ask me to figure it out or fix it or any other number of things. It wasn’t just drama and fighting it was everything-medical issues,legal stuff, house maintence, somehow I was the go to and if not me my husband and when we left that was not my problem any more. My family is very co-dependent and some family members were not as helpful as others and in the end that’s why I had to come back, I had to take care of my grandparents because they needed more help than they were getting and I knew they wouldn’t be around forever, but Bermuda would. I didn’t get phone calls all hours of the night when things weren’t going right or someone messed up or someone needed something and no one else would do it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved caring for my grandparents and they were not the issue, it was all the other drama involved. People are different in Bermuda. People are not so crazy hyper, more laid back. My husbands family is British and they don’t do that. When we argue I scream and fight and flip out and he just kind of sits there and says nothing, which makes me more mad, but thankfully that doesn’t happen all too often. He was shocked when he first came into the family and saw our “dynamic”, but his family was not like that. I appreciated that and I loved that. It was a weight off my shoulders from years and years of being over-responsible for everyone. My grandparents have since passed and there is still drama abounding and I still get dragged in and worked up and I always say to my husband lets run away and move back and leave this all behind, but he’s cool with being here. He likes it here, so here it is for now and I can just keep my memories of such a wonderful peaceful carefree period of time in my life, that was amazing.


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