I sometimes think about what life would be like as a teen today-never having to share the family phone, having the internet, not having to be nervous about calling a boy. But then there’s the other side of things, kids seem more bullied and teased, girls seem to grow up so fast, life is turned on all the time with technology.
If I could go back in time I would these are some of the things I would tell me at sixteen. Sixteen was good for me though, don’t get me wrong but it’s always easier to look back in hindsight.

Don’t worry about your boyfriend. You won’t have him by the end of the year and don’t worry so much about being alone. Enjoy your friends, they (your two closest) will still be with you twenty some years later, for the most part. A little sneak peak, in three years you will meet your soul mate unexpected on a random Sunday in front of a little convienence store. He will complete you and you will have two kids and life will be good. Oh yeah, you spend years building a career only to realize you’ll want to leave and become a mom and that will be the best choice in your life but you’ll go back to school and start a new career when your kids are older, you go back to your roots, choosing to pursue a career in education versus finance because when you are older money and fame and travel don’t mean as much as fulfilling work- trust me on this.
Don’t rush to grow up, high school is awesome and one of the best times in your life, but in a few years they will invent the internet and you’ll have times when you are so pissed about how hard research was back in your day. Explore more, try to travel more and study more. Really study more, you are smart but somewhere along the way boys and friends gave way to studying and your get good grades but you could do better. Don’t worry even when you are working and when you are a new mom with a baby who doesn’t sleep, when you move away and you are in a new place- you have your books and reading- you still read like crazy. Something that will be with you until the end of time. What a gift, but in the future, books are on handheld computer type things- it’s weird, you still buy real books because you like to turn the page.
Save money, really really save money, when you get your first real job. They don’t teach this in school and they really should. Life is expensive and the future is even more so, so save money. Don’t worry about expensive clothes all the time. J Crew is going to triple in price and it’s better to have expensive shoes and bags and key pieces and fill the rest in with moderately priced stuff. Really, you can leave the house in not all J Crew and the world won’t come to an end. Stay preppy though, you’ll go through phases when you think you want to dress more normal less preppy, but then you’ll move to Bermuda and holy cow, you’ll discover Lilly and you are just going to be pink and green like crazy.
Spend more time at home. Nan and Pap will meet your kids, but you’ll wish you spent more time playing games and just being with them. Don’t fight so much with nan. Stop being a teen so much, and don’t take your angst on nan. You both have so much in common that sometimes you bump heads but one day she will be your best friend and one day you’ll be typing a blog and have tears in your eyes because you miss her so much.
Those two girlfriends that you still have-love them , they are the best people you will ever meet and you have been through so many life events with them by now in your older age, they have become the sisters you never had. Keep running, your metabolism does slow down, you didn’t get your dad’s genes and dad, he becomes amazing, he stops drinking and he’s a really awesome guy and a perfect dad. He makes your future husband laugh like there is no tomorrow. Oh and your future husband- he’s British, yep, think about it and stare at a map of England for years and years and it will happen, but he doesn’t have an accent- he’s been here too long. Eat better, again life catches up and weight sticks on and is hard to lose and for your health, everything runs in your family so a good diet is important. In a few years you will discover sushi and life will never be the same and your husband to be, he introduces you to Indian, so yeah this PA Dutch born and bred girl will eat stuff that makes your grandparents wonder but it is amazing. Always try it, no matter what it is, because some nasty looking stuff might be the best food ever. You’re a good kid, you never party too much and you stay serious and mature, like you’ve always been, so sometimes maybe in your twenties relax some more, don’t worry so much, don’t make so many lists of stuff to do. Go to church, yep there’s another shocker, when your kids are born, you become very active in church and find a strong faith. God gets your through some tough stuff and pray is amazing. Study the Bible and you’ll be good, study with others and you’ll really benefit. You’ll meet an amazing spiritual friend to the end when you live away in Bermuda, she’s a keeper and a kindred soul. Oh and you teach Sunday School, so careful with the language. There you have it. You have a good life, and the worst thing- learn to parallel park, your first home has curb parking and it sucks, so try to get better at it.


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