antiques road no

I’ve been thinking about this awhile and sometimes I still see repeats of this show, I don’t even know if they make new ones, but a few years back when everyone watched it and references made their way into tv shows and other aspects of pop culture, I used to watch and want to scream. So yeah they go to random places all over the US and some things were shocking, a junky old vase or painting that great grandma had forever turns out to be some Native American piece from a thousand years ago or some famous artist who was someones neighbor way back when he was just a kid who liked to paint. Those things would be shocking, you wouldn’t know. But when you show up with a piece of hand carved Colonial furniture or an old Louis Vuitton trunk or a piece that says Tiffany on it. How can you either not know or be like oh I thought maybe it was worth $50 dollars??? I can see some of the older people who are pushing 90 maybe not being up on things but really if you are under 60 and you have never thought to at least google grandmas treasure then you shouldn’t be allowed to have the amazing family heirloom worth 80,000 dollars or what not. Just my thoughts…


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