for an audience

When you have your first child you are usually nervous,or at least in my case, of who is going to be there, will it be embarrassing. You don’t think of all the ladies who have gone before you. With my first it was me,my husband, two nurses and a doctor. Not bad. My first was late, my second was a preemie. When you have a preemie if it’s in a teaching hospital and even if it is not, you are going to have an audience in the room. I never ever expected that, but that’s the nature of a preemie you don’t plan for it at all. When I first got moved because of pre-eclampsia the night before they induced me, I met with all sorts of doctors, the staff of the doctor who would be delivering me, the geneticists, the NICU doctors, the Peds doctors, anestiologists, interns, nurses- everyone under the sun. I couldn’t even keep them all straight. One doctor gave me an internal exam and I thought it was a geneticist, it seemed a little odd, but what do I know. Turns out days later he was an resident OB and when he came to check on me, I finally said, why is a genetesist so interested in my progress and he said what? I’m the resident OB. I started laughing and told him how I thought that was odd the other night but I was a little overwhelmed! But as for the delivery, if I wasn’t so out of it because of my pressure I would have been freaked out. My husband could barely fit. It was me and him, the doctor a few residents, three nurses,the staff from the NICU, a pediatric specialist and the peds nurse and an anestistiologist. You couldn’t be shy then! And I was able to get an epidural but I waited forever, because with my first I had drugs to take the edge off but you can’t have that with a preemie, so I had some Novacaine and an epidural and I was close to passing out. I was being shouted at by a nurse to stay awake, but it was hard, the machines were beeping because my pressure was so high and the tv was on and my friends sister in law was a news reporter and she was doing a story on the release of the new iphone. I was crying because of the position of the baby and how uncomfortable it was. And then my preemie was born and they grabbed her, my husband cut the cord and they whisked her away to the NICU. He didn’t have enough time to snap a pic even, and I didn’t even see her. I remember waiting for her to cry and it wasn’t happening then I started to panic and my pressure was skyrocketing and the nurse was yelling at me the anestiaologist gave me something to try to relax me, and the she cried and that was that. I saw her for the first time 4 days later when I was well enough to be wheeled to the NICU. So there it is, if you have a preemie, you will definately not be shy and you will have lots of people in the room, but they are there to help and eventually being in labor kind of makes them all fade into the background.


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