Top 10 Tuesday; 10: 80’s movies where I wanted to be older than I was because I was crushing on the lead guy

1.Karate Kid (& boy did we not know how old he was back then)
2.Shag- I have a thing for that southern accent
3. Back to the Future (all because of family ties)
4. Breakfast Club and I liked the Emilio Estevez character
5.St. Elmo’s fire- again Emilio and what about that garbage truck movie-not 80’s but still and then there was the chase with his brother…
6.Heaven Help Us
7.Goonies- I liked Data
8.Liscense to Drive- with the Corey’s
9.Dead Poets Society- Robert Sean Leonard who know all those years later he’d be with House and Hugh Laurie is super cute
10. Adventures in Babysitting- tied with The Great Outdoors (and not John Candy’s character- he was funny not cute)


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