Apps for organising

I haven’t spent much time writing about my organization obsession. It’s hard to live up to some of these blogs where the people are full on over the top organizer. My stuff is mostly not labeled. I don’t have color coded storage dishes or perfect spices in alphabetical order. I don’t have much clothes all fancy like in some closets but they are separated by season and type, and have plastic hangers of all sorts of colors. But I am organized and I love to keep things orderly. This week I was stressing and so I cleaned the kids playroom and their rooms and it was awesome.

So today I wanted to talk about two things that do help keep me organized. First of all I love my iphone. It took awhile for me to get used to not having a paper planner, but I’m happy now. It does keep me on track all the time but can also be a distraction. So my first app that I like is GroceryIQ. This is a cool app where you can keep your grocery list and it has tons of name brand products. You can sort your lists and it remembers your items. It has coupon info too if you are into that, it’s free. I also love paperless. This one I did buy after using the lite version. But this one you can make lists and categories, you can make check lists. You can assign the list icons. I use it for everything I want to remember long term. I use my calendar for short term to dos. These are just two apps I really get a lot of use out of.


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