It’s prematurity awareness month and there’s always results that come out about how numbers have gone down or up in the prevention of premature babies. I love that there are resources and health care professionals out there who are helping people manage their pregnancies and do pre-natal visits and all those good things. Some preemies are born too soon, because of things that can be prevented but many are not and I think there’s a stigma attached to having a preemie.
I had a preemie and I was a married, college educated woman, in my thirties who did everything as I should. Sometimes these things happen. I don’t know the correlation between different dads and prematurity. I don’t even know if there is one. What I do know is that as I lay in the hospital on the eve of being moved to one with a NICU, the nurse on duty quietly in front of my husband said oh is this baby number 1 and I said no I have a three year old at home and then looks at me and goes are they from the same dad. I kind of laughed I wasn’t sure what to say and my husbands looking at me like what.. and I said yes of course. I had another nurse say something very similar. Preemies can happen in pregnancy one, two, three- whenever look at that Duggar mom. My preemie was born because I had pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. I could not have done anything differently (other than be aware of the symptoms but that’s another post). Since having a preemie I have been very active in studies on pre-eclampsia in hopes that one day that might change. I also know sometimes babies are born too soon if there are multiples, or if the mom gets really sick, or if there’s trauma. You can’t prevent those things. So I think it’s only fair to say that preemies can happen in any pregnancy and we should pass judgement that mom did something wrong to cause this.


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