yep I’m a Virgo

Some people adhere to horoscope descriptions and some people brush them off. I’m in group one, I’m a Virgo and I really do fit the bill. When I was pregnant with both of my kids I wanted them to be Virgo’s or compatible with Virgo’s, one is compatible one is not even close. If you did a survey on the number of Virgo’s I’m friends with you would see most of my friends are Virgo’s (we understand each other) or they are compatible with Virgo’s. I also share my actual birthday with about five other people I know well and my “birthday” week is flooded with friends, and lots of people. Now that probably has more to do with Christmas than anything but anyway.
When I work with Virgo’s I’m happy, we get the work done and we are organized, I also don’t mind working with people who are compatible. I can not work with disorganized people, it drives me crazy.
I know it sounds hokey oh you are a certain way because of when and what day you were born. I also know that some people are nothing like their sign, but I do fit the descriptions and characteristics of being a Virgo. It seems to me (maybe because I know so many Virgo’s) that Virgo’s often do. I decided that since being organized is one of my things from time to time I’m going to explore being a Virgo and what that means. So where are my fellow Virgo’s?


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