girls are mean

My first child was a boy and I have never had any issues about looks or friends or clothes or anything with him. My second child is a girl. I have always been very careful to not talk about my “weight issues” or “being skinny” or just being pretty in front of either of my kids. I grew up in a house where we didn’t have fat or skinny and I don’t have body issues, I have friends who grew up the opposite and I feel bad for them as they struggle. So it pisses me off that my child is teased by other girls for having curly hair (which adults compliment at least 6 times a day when we are out), she is embarrassed and asked for a new face when she had a scratch on her face and complained her face looked bad and has been asking to have this strawberry spot on her nose removed since an ignorant nurse practioner pointed it out and said you should get that removed, when we were there for a cold. She would play by herself in pre-school or with the boys because all the “blond girls” in her class hung out together and let her and the two brunette girls to play by themselves. This shit does not come from kids, this comes from parents, parents who say stupid things in front of kids, parents who make their kids feel like crap who in turn make other kids feel like crap. A kid is supposed to get up and play and learn and have fun and love life and that’s what a kids day should be like, but we don’t have that anymore. We are creating a generation of little nitpicking adults at the age of six. I won’t tolerate my kids every being mean or rude to others, they know they will get in trouble and will be talked to about it. So I have to sit and explain to my daughter that some people have bad days, or parents who don’t bother with them all that much and they feel bad inside so they make others feel bad inside and say mean things that hurt. But I also told my child you will never let anyone make you feel like you are less or not worthy, you are loved and strong and have a right to be happy. I never expected to be dealing with things like this. Girls are really really mean to each other and it breaks my heart.


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