When my oldest child was two I volunteered once a week in a dementia unit at a local nursing home. I would take my son and two other moms with little ones would meet up and the kids would kind of just play and interact with the residents in the unit.
I had never met anyone with dementia before and I was a little uncomfortable, but that’s the ease of having a toddler, they break the ice really easily. I looked forward to our time there, but I did always feel sad when we left, that’s a difficult thing to see in someone and the ladies (there were no men in our group) were almost all very happy to see the kids or to push a balloon around with the kids.
The was one lady who shook, non-stop. I never really knew what to do as far as interacting with her (I was a volunteer, nursing is not in my background), one day I went to say hi to her, and she grabbed my hand. I sat there and held her hand for a bit and it was then that I realized she was praying. She was remembering some prayer and clinging to that. I just sat there and held her hand and listened as she prayed and I watched my son interacting with the other residents and I felt at peace, I felt like this was one of those moments in our life that God gives us, that stays with us for ever. It was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had in my life. This human connection. She was holding my hand and steadying her hands a bit and praying and I was saying a silent prayer of thanks. Thanks for being there, thanks for all the weeks leading up to that moment, thanks for the feeling of peace.
I don’t even know her name, but she will forever be etched in my memory and on my heart. God putting me there for those few moments to slow me down and to really feel alive, she gave me so much in that simple act. You never know what He has planned for you.

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