It’s my 5 year blog-versary so here are my 10 fav organizing tips

1. Do it now. Clean out your mail, sign your child’s paper for school- it makes life easier and way more organized
2. Don’t keep things you don’t use or need-give them to someone or someplace; and then remember that when you are mindlessly shopping again
3. Clean off the tables and counters and put toys and coats and shoes away at the end of each night, it makes life way easier
4. Get an app like paperless and alarmed-lists are your friend
5. On that note make notes for yourself for things to remember in the future, no one can remember it all
6.Keep one keepsake box and one file folder box for each of your kids, they will appreciate that when they are older, but won’t feel bogged down because mom saved every picture ever colored since the age of 2
7. Have a bag for each sport your kid plays, your gym bag, a pool bag, a library bag, etc. it makes life way easier
8. Keep your pantry nice- as in not cluttered, but don’t go overboard with labeling everything and filing it like it’s a mini-grocery store, unless you are like the Duggar’s and have more than ten kids
9.Look ahead at your calendar for the next day, it makes life so much easier if there are not surprise appointments you didn’t remember until that morning
10. Relax and let it be, it’s taking me a long time and I am still learning to not get crazy about stuff being perfect


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