I had a delightful conversation at Easter pre-dinner with some friends about post-partum. My friend was telling me how people were saying that placenta capsules were helping women with post-partum and she asked me how I felt. Let’s get this out there, I am not a particularly crunchy kind of person, but that’s me- to each his own, as they say. I had post partum with both of my kids and so did another friend at the dinner. Hers was more severe than mine, but we both have had depression most of our lives also. I told my friend that while I think natural supplements are fine and again to each his own, I just worry that some women with post-partum may take only a supplement and not get therapy or needed medical attention. Again, this is something like pre-eclampsia that bothers me a lot, it was never mentioned in my pregnancies. I was told all about shaken baby and formula vs breast, but no one brought up these equally serious life threatening issues. I know pregnancy is supposed to be a happy time, but it’s not all roses and happiness for everyone and I think because of the stigma of mental illness and depression some new moms are afraid to speak up and say something to their doctors if they are not feeling right. Being a new mom is crazy overwhelming and your hormones are all over the place and you don’t know exactly how to do everything with your new baby and some moms are just scared to admit to a doctor or nurse. Both times for me it, was my GP who gave me meds and diagnosed me, it was never mentioned by my OBGYN in follow up visits. My end response to my friend was if someone has high blood pressure or insulin issues you are not going to just tell them to pop an herbal supplement and feel better, same thing with depression- there is a chemical imbalance in your brain and sometimes the only thing to really help is medicine and therapy, not everything can be treated naturally.


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