Books that changed my life

I love reading. I read all the time, even when I’m not reading per say I’m reading- ingredients on the cereal box, crappy doctors office magazine, etc.
Here are the books that changed my life:
The entire Anne of Green Gable series. I loved Anne, I felt like I could relate to Anne, even though I was never an orphan! I just wanted to live on PE Island and go back to that time period.
Little Women- again a book that just stays with you
The Great Gatsby- this book was my high school graduation project paper and again my college thesis theme paper- I loved this book. Not a day goes by that a quote from this book does not pop into my head
Prozac Nation- I read this book when I was in my early twenties and it was eye opening. I never read a book where someone talked so candidly about depression. I’ve read it again numerous times in college and grad school for various projects
The Babysitters Club series- I am a child of the 80’s and these were the books. While not life changing per say, that were just amazing to me. I actually collect them at yard sales for my own daughter to read when she’s older.
The Bible- It’s sounds cliche but all I need for guiding my life in in the Bible
The Sun also Rises. I hated Hemingway when I had to read him for a college class. I thought he was so “macho” and sexist, but then I learned about all the symbolism in his books and I actually started to enjoy them. This one was my favorite, it has so much to it, and the characters were among my favorite.
Dandelion Wine- We read this in junior high school and I didn’t really like it at first but it was one of those books that just again stuck with me. There was something about it, maybe simpler times or the way the town was, but I remember really liking this book.
Sense and Sensibility. I love any Jane Austen really, there’s something about her characters, so ahead of the times and yet so romantic. I love a Jane Austen on a rainy day with a cup of tea.

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